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Do you know people who bought hearing aids and don't wear them? Do you know people who wear hearing aids, but don't like them? The single most important factor in hearing …

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Our Hearing Aid Policy is Simple: If hearing aids don't work for you, don't buy them! We offer a free trial period of up to 45 days. Test them in the …


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Dr. David Gnewikow

Dr. David Gnewikow

Advanced Hearing Solutions is located in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee, just outside Nashville. We are your source for hearing aids, expert assessment, hearing aid repairs and consultation.

The mission of Advanced Hearing Solutions is to serve patients with hearing loss in the Nashville area, Wilson County and all of Middle Tennessee by being focused on each individual's unique communication needs. We seek to find the point where science meets compassion by applying knowledge of the latest audiology techniques, hearing research, and hearing aid technology to each patient's specific place in life. We seek not only to allow patients better hearing, but to allow them to hear life.

Do you know people who bought hearing aids and don't wear them? Do you know people who wear hearing aids, but don't like them? The single most important factor in hearing aid success is expertise. Today's hearing aid technology allows for a myriad of settings, features, and adjustments; however, it is the expertise of the individual recommending and fitting the hearing aids that vastly determines a patient's success. Click here to read some of our patient reviews.

Dr. Gnewikow,

I want to communicate to you the gratitude of my brother and I for the assistance you recently gave him with his hearing problem. This represents a primary example, I believe, of your dedication to helping folks to hear and not to just selling hearing aids.

Because of your exam of my brother and your information regarding his specific type of hearing loss he was able, upon his return home to Texas, to consult with an audiologist there and get new hearing aids with the “frequency compression” capability you suggested. He called me this week and asked that I express his gratitude to you and to say that he is hearing “better than he has in his life” due to these new hearing aids!

I hope you will post this to your website to let others know just how willing and helpful you can be. Your knowledge, experience, and desire to be of help set you apart from others in the field! In my opinion there is none better!
— Jerry Brown, Dickson, TN
Dear Dr. Gnewikow:

I would be remiss if I did not take the opportunity to tell you how pleasant you made my experience in your office today. I was a little reluctant to visit since I had no insurance, and did not know if I could compensate you. You understood the challenge, and looked for a solution with grace and left my dignity intact.

Despite the challenges I presented, you made my visit very positive. You gave me an affordable solution with which I’m very pleased, all with courtesy and without pressure.

As you predicted, I am hearing sounds I haven’t heard for years. The two hours you spent with me made a profound difference in my ability to communicate with my spouse, and she is as grateful as I. I hope I can help repay you by referring potential customers your way and with future business of my own. What a wonderful world!

A very happy new customer,
— DH, Nashville, TN